The Launch of St. Polycarp Journal

I’m pleased to announce the launch of St. Polycarp Journal.  The intent of this site is to encourage thought and discussion related to Christian apologetics, theology, and history from an ecumenical perspective.  Thus, while St. Polycarp Publishing House publishes books related to these topics, the Journal will provide shorter-form articles and opinion pieces.

Why “St. Polycarp?”

St. Polycarp was a Christian bishop of the second century AD who was taught by the Apostle John and served as the bishop of the Church in Smyrna.  In 155 AD, he was martyred in the arena of Smyrna by the Roman authorities.

St. Polycarp represents the next generation of the Church after the Apostles, carrying on the Apostolic faith to succeeding generations.  St. Polycarp Publishing House and St. Polycarp Journal take their name from him in this same spirit.

Why Ecumenical?

The Church as the body of Christ has a lot more in common with its members than with those who are not members of this body.  That sounds like a tautology, and perhaps it is, but the Church so often acts as if this is not the case.  We have arguments between denominations and among believers which can cause those outside the Church to wonder if we really are “united in Christ” as we claim to be.

For this reason, I’d like to focus more on what binds us together, while also exploring honest differences of opinion and theology in a thoughtful, reasoned, and respectful manner.

The site is planted with humble beginnings, but I hope to see it flower in the future.

Thanks for reading!

– Aaron Simms

Aaron Simms is a writer specializing in Christian theology, history, and classical studies.  He is  a member of the American Academy of Religion, the founder of St. Polycarp Publishing House, and a front page contributor for The Resurgent.

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